TV & Film Quiz 7

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    Which country has won the Eurovision Song Contest more than any other?

    • Ireland (Seven times – France, Luxembourg and the UK have each won five times)
    • Several occasions – France, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom have all won many times.
    • Irish (Multiple times – France, Luxembourg and the UK have each won multiple times)
    • Numerous instances – France, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom all have won numerous times.
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    For the first three seasons, The Simpsons were part of which show?

    • Tracy Ullman’s Show, 1987-1989
    • The Tracey Ullman Show 1980-1990
    • The Tracey Ullman Show 1987-1989
    • Tracey Ullman’s Show, 1980-1990
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    Who was the other male lead alongside Bing Crosby in ‘White Christmas’?

    • Danny Kaye
    • Dan Kaye’s
    • Anthony Kaye is really a
    • Anthony Kaye’s
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    What was the first UK TV series filmed in colour 1964/5?

    • Jellyfish is really a pantomime.
    • Stingray is a puppet show.
    • Stingray – a puppet series
    • Dragonfly is just a pantomime.
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    In Superman what was the original name of The Daily Planet?

    • The Daily Star
    • The New York Times
    • The Economic Times
    • The Wall Street Journal
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    Who was Mrs. Robinson in the film ‘The Graduate’?

    • Blair, Ann
    • Ann Bancroft
    • Leach, Ann
    • Phillips, Ann
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    What was the name of the horse before Silver in lone ranger?

    • Misty
    • Dusty
    • Dandy
    • Shabby
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    Who played Dr McCoy in the original Star Trek series?

    • Kennedy, Deforest
    • Kelly, Deforest
    • Deforest Kelly
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    Mickey Mouse’s Pluto had what name when he first appeared?

    • Rover
    • Deforest Rover
    • Rovers Chop down
    • Jaguar Chop down
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    Who directed Alien, Blade Runner, 1492, Gladiator, Black Rain, and Black Hawk Down, among others?

    • Lang, Rory
    • Smith, Sebastian
    • Ridley Scott
    • Mcginnis, Sebastian

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