TV & Film Quiz 15

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    In John Carpenter’s film (and Stephen King’s novel) ‘Christine’, who or what was Christine?

    • A 1958 Dodge Tempest in red and white.
    • A red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury
    • A 1958 Plymouth Fury in red and white.
    • A red and white 1958 Dodge Tempest.
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    What is the name of the Flintstones cat?

    • Child
    • Baby-Puss
    • Daughter
    • Kid
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    Which was the first black and white film to win a Best Picture Oscar after ‘The Apartment’ in 1960?

    • The film Schindler’s Ark
    • Schindler’s List
    • The film Schindler’s List
    • The documentary Schindler’s List
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    “They Call Me Mister Tibbs” is the sequel to which film?

    • Late at Night
    • In the Heat of the Night
    • Early in the morning
    • Early in The evening
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    What were the robots in ‘Blade Runner’ called?

    • Replicants
    • Androids
    • Nonhuman species
    • Superpowered beings
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    What are the names of the two cats in Disney’s Lady + Tramp?

    • Am though Si
    • A.m Si
    • Si and Am
    • Am and Si
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    ‘Take My Breath Away’ won an Oscar for best original song for which film?

    • (1987 thriller featuring Tom Cruise) The Supreme Gun
    • No(1987 film starring Tom Cruise) The Ultimate Weapon
    • (1987 film with Tom Cruise) Top Gun
    • (1987 biopic Tom Cruise) The Supreme Gun
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    In Star Trek who would go to Sha Ka Ree?

    • Vulcans it’s heaven
    • It’s bliss, Vulcans.
    • It’s heaven, Vulcans.
    • It’s nirvana, Vulcans.
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    Who played the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in ‘Fantasia’?

    • Nickelodeon Mickey Mouse
    • Disney’s Mickey Mouse
    • Hollywood’s Mickey Mouse
    • Mickey Mouse
    • Hollywood’s Mickey Mouse
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    Which actor’s autobiography is called ‘The Moon’s a Balloon’?

    • David Niven
    • Niven, David
    • Blair, Peter
    • Hutchison, Peter

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