TV & Film Quiz 12

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    George W Trendle and Fran Striker created what Western hero?

    • Lone Ranger
    • Wolf Of wall street
    • The Lone Ranger
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    Who or what is the Pink Panther, in the film of the same name?

    • A diamond
    • white star
    • a tiara
    • the gemstone
    • the gemstone
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    Victor Buono played what Batman villain in the original series?

    • Queen Tut
    • Empress Momo
    • King Tut
    • Crown princess May
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    What TV show takes place in Sunnydale?

    • What TV show takes place in Sunnydale?
    • What network program takes place in Sunnydale?
    • What radio program is set in 2824?
    • What radio show is set in the year 1924?
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    What was the first 30 minute animated Disney show?

    • Animal Tales
    • Duck Tales
    • Wild Stories
    • Wildlife Stories
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    In the Sylvester Stallone films, what was Rocky’s surname?

    • Balboa (Robert Balboa, Sr)
    • Baja (Robert Balboa, Sr)
    • Balboa (Robert Balboa, Sr)
    • Miramar (Robert Balboa, Sr)
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    What kind of creature was Sam on the Muppet Show?

    • Eagle
    • Condor
    • Angel
    • ’s modified
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    Who invented doctor Who?

    • Terry Nation
    • Timothy Nation
    • Herman Taylor
    • Stephen Nations
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    What was Bugs Bunnies original name?

    • Joyful Rabbit
    • Happy Rabbit
    • Delightful Horse
    • Merry Squirrel
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    Where could you find the characters, Dr Frank N Furter, Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Eddie, and Rocky?

    • THE Mountainous HORRIOR MOVIE

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