TV & Film Questions Quiz 1

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    Jessica Fletcher is the main character in which TV series?

    • Composed Murder She
    • Wrote Murder She
    • Murder She Wrote
    • Made Murder She
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    Klu Klux Clam, Uncle Ant and Disgruntled Goat are characters from which popular tv show?

    • The Simpsons
    • Bothersome and Scratchy in The Simpsons
    • Itchy & Scratchy in The Simpsons
    • Vexatious and Scratchy
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    Who is James Bond’s usual CIA partner?

    • Christopher
    • Felix Leiter
    • Christopher Leiter
    • Leiter
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    ‘Tall, Dark, and Gruesome’ is the autobiography of which British actor?

    • Yes Christopher
    • Christopher
    • Christopher Lee
    • Brooks and Anne
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    Melvin Kaminsky is married to Anna Maria Italiano. Who are they better known as?

    • Mel Brooks and Anne
    • Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft
    • Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft
    • Mel Brooks
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    Who is Homer Simpson’s brother?

    • Herb Powell
    • Spice Powell
    • Powell Spice
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    Which actor/director created and played the character Monsieur Hulot?

    • Jacques Tati
    • Jacques
    • Tati Jacques
    • Tati
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    Magnum PI wore a baseball cap supporting what team?

    • Detro Tigers
    • Tigers
    • Detroit Tigers
    • Tigers Detroit
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    In Dallas what was the name of the bar?

    • Club
    • Club Cattleman’s
    • Cattleman’s Club
    • Cattleman
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    In which film does Robert de Niro play the role of Travis Bickle?

    • Taxi
    • Drive
    • Taxi Driver
    • Uber Driver

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